updating chipset - Stop being the nice guy dating

Maybe you feel a little bad because he’s so NICE, and so you let him upstairs, despite the fact that you’d really like to send him on his way. Feeling guilty that someone has been NICE to you is precisely how you find yourself giving a desultory handjob while making grocery lists in your head. Wait for the guy who is nice and let him win you over.

Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- Dean Melcher was the kind of guy who befriended girls easier than boys.

Hearts are not so easily bought, they are won, by guys who are nice.

A guy who is nice will to go dinner at a place that was chosen by both parties, perhaps even with some friendly banter over which restaurant is preferable.

A guy who is nice will walk you to your door, but will be content with a hug and a friendly wave goodnight.