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If one considers Amber Rose a ‘slut’ and a ‘prostitute’ why not just treat her the way we treat pornstars and voyeurs on the internet; block and never speak of them again? Some people have gone as far as publicly saying that Amber Rose (who worked for a time as a stripper) dating Kanye West ‘cleaned’ her up.They literally considered her filthy and unworthy of redemption, and her association with a high powered man supposedly absolved her of her past.And Rose returning to that ‘past’ for whatever reason is unjustified.

But for Amber to do so herself suggests that she is unashamed of her past, and isn’t grateful for her new status, and must either be shamed for it or have that status stripped from her.

And the recurring rationale is that Rose is now a parent to a small child, and that small child will one day stumble on her nudity.

This was after Webb’s book had come out and Webb had been savaged by the mainstream media, although nobody could disprove a word he published.

Ruppert turned up around this same time as an authority from inside law enforcement who’d back up Webb’s allegations of CIA involvement in drug trafficking.

For the same reason, she is often in the news, she dares yet again to be a woman with sexual agency. She shared a picture of herself where her breasts were clothed in a bikini and her crotch and legs were not. But what is always interesting when she stirs conversations about the place of nudity in the feminist conversation (often coincidental) she shows up the women who swear they understand feminism and sexual agency but fall flat on their face when a woman dares to share a photograph of herself being ‘indecent’.