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We walk a little further until we see no one and under this palm tree is a nice spot to lay the blanket.

I spread it out and tell you to take off the cover up.

The air is warm and the sun is warming the sand under our bare feet.

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His name is Robert and by the time the job was finished, we had become fast friends, especially after we discovered that we both shared the same taste in women. His wife Candy is Asian, in her mid 30s, and a real sexy bitch.

Robert invited me and De Ann over for a BBQ, but he had a lot more in mind for that day.

All you know is that you crave more and more until you are bursting with wetness. With the wet of my mouth and hot breath you are squirming and the words are on the tip of your tongue to taste you.

Through the fabric your clit is rock hard and pushing against it and I press the tip of my tongue against it, poking hardly.

You are wiggling underneath and I know your pussy is aching as mine is. You can't hold back the sounds; your body arches up, anticipating my touch and my mouth. My nails scratch at the inside of your thighs and I know where I have you.