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That hasn't stopped people from sending her flowers, chocolates and whiskey.

Submissive chat bot-17

Apparently one group is quite fond of making Robin repeat profanities in her soft female voice.

Sometimes people flirt, not realizing the assistants are just programs.

I’ll keep this post short since it’s simply meant to record a trend I’ve noticed, which may be obvious to others.

From Path’s pivot to emphasize Talk, which enables users to message local businesses, to Facebook’s $22B purchase of Whats App, to Fetch’s texting shopping assistants or Fancy Hand’s on-demand assistants, to the recent real-time translation innovations in Google Translate, to Ethan’s army of textable Ethans, to Rise, Lark, and Better in the healthcare space, there’s a lot happening in the communications and messaging space.

Jonathan Libov shared a related idea on the USV site echoing my sentiments, and the wrote it up in his Future of Text.