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They usually know what type of cuckold they are within their fantasies, e.g., BBC / Small Penis Let’s talk about your cuckold type on Niteflirt.

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Being a cuckold isn’t a one-size-fits-all typecasting.

Here are the major types of cuckolds I’ve deduced with brief definitions: 1.

I read an article where it was stated he might be making a clever ploy for a bigger payday in his producer’s role for the next two Bond films, but realistically, how much more is going to be enough when you are talking about a standing $100 million offer? In reality, I don’t think Elba will be selected, as much as women all over the world are clamoring for him to be the next Bond.

You can feel the cuckold burn already can’t you, if Elba were chosen as the sexiest spy alive?

Traditional Voyeur – a voyeur cuckold enjoys seeing his wife or girlfriend experiencing sex with another man in a cuckolding scenario 2.