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Start with a regular lunge, but instead of stepping back up, jump and land in a lunge with your other foot forward. "These lunges keep your heart rate up and burn more calories," says Kirsch.

Consider a weeklong bloat-elimination plan, says Robynne Chutkan, a gastroenterologist in Chevy Chase, Maryland: Seven days before the beach, stop drinking alcohol; five days before, cut the gluten ("It causes water retention"); and two days before, lose the dairy.

If you don't want to eat three habaneros with dinner (what's wrong with you?!

), try a supplement like Capsiate Natura, which contains capsinoids, similar to capsaicin. Loop one of those big, stretchy exercise bands around the bar—a really big one to start—then grab the bar, and put one foot in the loop, hooking the other foot around your ankle.

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