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Removing Companion Usage Barriers Here's a familiar scenario: Over the course of your adventures, you meet a new Companion character.

They seem like an interesting, fun, or cool character, and you might like to run around the galaxy with them for a bit... One of our biggest design goals is to try and eliminate as much as possible the artificial barriers that prevent you from playing with the Companions you want, when you want, and how you want.

(Any gear equipped in slots that have been removed will be mailed back to players via in-game mail).

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When summoned, a Companion's portrait will display an icon signifying their current combat role.

The combat role can be changed at any time (provided you are not currently in combat) by right clicking on their portrait, and selecting a new role.

Note: Even though Companions don't gain stats from gear, there are still ways to develop their power: This is now accomplished by building Influence, which we will get to shortly.

We're going to be removing gear slots from Companions that do not impact that Companion's appearance, as those slots no longer serve any function.

Expandability and Versatility Simply put, we need to make sure the Companion system has both the versatility, and expandability necessary to keep up with your desires to have bolder, more meaningful choice options, as well as to fully utilize the incredible storytelling potential of Knights of the Fallen Empire’s episodic narrative.

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