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Documents received after 5pm will be tabled on the next business day.Covering Letter Documents transmitted to the Clerk for tabling must be accompanied by a covering letter requesting that the documents be tabled in accordance with the relevant legislation or policy and/or Standing Orders.The Smith Commons is the perfect place for your group to have a table an advertise events, host bake sales or generate awareness about a cause.

In accordance with section 4.13.9 of the Ministerial Handbook and Standing Order 31, the Minister has requested that this report be tabled today.

Timing of Tabling on Non-Sitting Days Documents provided for tabling on non-sitting days are tabled and published on the Parliament’s tabled papers database as soon as practicable after they are received by the Clerk.

Covering letters and documents for tabling can be transmitted via post to the Clerk or via email to the Table Office.

The covering letter should specify each document to be tabled, particularly in the case of financial statements included in annual reports as a CD and any annual reports that comprise more than one volume.

Therefore, the covering letter should clearly state if the document is to be embargoed until after a specific time.