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She can later be seen running into the back of her cage to take cover.

The uploader and administrator of the account noticed that the vibrations frightened the pet, and wrote: “Early morning earthquake really scared and shook Mimi like nothing else, pray for Taiwan!

Just like anything else in nature, there are specific ways that people vary, but it's not wild or random—there are common themes, and you can use those as a menu of things to try. [You've emphasized before that OMGYes is a website and not an app. RP: Well, that's where censorship comes in: Anything that has to do with women's sexual pleasure—even using the word "clitoris" or the word "orgasm"—is blocked in places like the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Twitter blocked our ability to promote tweets, because they consider it indecent. So we're still sort of in the Stone Age, where women's pleasure can't be talked about too specifically or else it's worthy of getting bleeped out.

They have enabled all kinds of young adults to explore their sexuality, set new trends, and pose new questions about the linkage between technology and sex, “deviance” and respectability.