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I've seen young musicians and actresses go down that self-destructive path. Thanks to you casual SIX STRINGS ATTACHED readers and those of you who have read it since my first post in January 2009, when I babbled for pages about my then-new Epiphone Elitist Casino — which is still one of my favorite guitars. It is simply ultra-cool, ultra-vintage, ultra-Bluesbreaker. I used it last night on a TV show gig in Staten Island. Jeff Beck’s late-career resurgence — which began the night he and bassist Tal Wilkenfeld stole the show at Eric Clapton’s 2007 Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago — continued yesterday, when he took home three Grammys, his most ever in one year.

Behind-the-scenes stuff: I noticed—just this morning—that in April I had posts with the word “zombie” in the title.

THEY say you have to pay your dues before you can play the blues.

Of the performers that were not on the 2004 DVD, the ones I enjoyed the most were Albert Lee (incredibly-fast hands), Susan Tedeschi, Jeff Beck, Steve Winwood and Derek Trucks.

Of the new faces, none was more startling than Beck's bass player: Tal Wilkenfeld.

I had no particular plans for what to write today so my brain—again mostly by itself—just went off and I believe, consciously looking back after the writing, built today’s post by touching on three posts from earlier this quarter.