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Apart from Sinhala-Brahmi, there are Tamil-Brahmi writings found in Sri Lanka from Kantharodai in the north to Tissamaharama in the south which are dated to the 2nd century BCE.The Bhattiprolu inscription found in present-day Andhra Pradesh also shows systemic but not paleographic similarity to Tamil Brahmi.Based on the literature analysis, Kamil Zvelebil believes writing was known to Tamil people at least from the 3rd century BCE.

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(Rajan prefers the term "Prakrit-Brahmi" to distinguish Prakrit-language Brahmi inscriptions.) Their stratigraphic analysis combined with radiocarbon dates of paddy grains and charcoal samples indicated that inscription contexts date to as far back as the 5th and perhaps 6th centuries BCE.

This theory presupposes that the Brahmi script itself was either invented or originated within the imperial courts of Mauryan kingdom and it was dispersed to South India and Sri Lanka after the 3rd century BCE.

Tolkappiyam in stanza 16 and 17 mentions dots added to consonants.

The author of Tolkappiyam displays awareness of a writing system and the graphic system as he knew it corresponds with later writing systems.

The earliest well accepted Brahmi inscriptions in South Asia are found in the citadel of Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka and are dated to the 4th century BCE.