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Now, the focus shifts toward creating a device that not only is comfortable but that doesn't look as embarrassing as the current version.

Tang calls this "physical comfort" and "environmental comfort," saying, "It has to look right and it has to feel right." To get there, Avegant is working with industrial design consultants, shaping this thing into a device you wouldn't mind having on your face in public.

Everything connected, Tang hands over the device and helps get it adjusted.

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Once properly aligned, the resulting image is compelling.

The device offers a separate WXGA (1,280x768-pixel resolution) image for each eye, basically twice the effective resolution of current Oculus Rift developer kits.

"Then we really went to work." The first fully functional prototype of the headset came together on July 6 of this year, while the current version you see here dates to September.

Evans downplays this speedy progress: "We've been moving very quickly." The challenge had been getting the optics and the core mechanics of the device in place.

It ended up working and we tried to miniaturize it." Indeed, the military was an early target for this device, as well as the medical field, providing a new interface for endoscopic surgery. In fact, Avegant as a company has only existed since January of this year, when CTO Evans and CEO Tang received their first funding thanks to nothing more than a skillfully delivered presentation.

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