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“My mother passed away not more than six months ago. “Our culture doesn’t like the idea of marriage for people after the age of 55/60.

People think it’s odd to have physical attraction at this age. At this age you need emotional support and companionship more than anything else.

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Since then, Rajeshwari and her organization have seen almost 50 couples stay together, whether through marriage or a live-in relationship.

They organize meetings where they invite senior singles.

Very often the prime reason is property, as they do not want the new spouse to have a share in it.” Adding that this is one of the reasons why a lawyer is present for all couple meetings, Rajeshwari thinks the prime reason for women wishing to marry is security, while for men it is housekeeping. Rajeshwari cites the example of a lady who got married through her organization and says her new husband makes tea for her every morning!

“The husband is also happy that he is being complimented for being so thoughtful,” she says with a smile.

The sprightly 65 year old Rajeshwari’s story has also found a happy ending through Thodu Needa.