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Big-band swing, blues, surf, jazz -- both traditional and modern -- funk, R&B, hard rock, even a touch of reggae, not even Parliament Funkadelic were this far-ranging, but THD meld it all into a sound even more distinctive than Grandmaster Flash's.

Even better, the arrangements are so creative and deft that the music never sounds eclectic just for the sake of it, it's not even showy, so subtle is the stitching linking the genres, so flawless the musicianship.

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On Thursday, The Weeknd revealed on Instagram that he now has a brand-new puppy.

“Handsome devil,” the singer said of his adorable Doberman Pinscher while it was sitting waiting to go on a walk.

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The adults at the school, particularly the two teachers at the heart of the film, care very much about their students, frequently talking about what would be best for them and trying to help them both academically and socially.