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In Chris’s case, he automatically assumed that the brevity of my initial response must have somehow been about him—or, at the very least, about my inability to keep up in a conversation with him.

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As a result, when he later wrote that he was drawn to the self-description I provided in my profile, it felt genuine as opposed to simply a move. Had we continued the conversation further and he had continued to reinforce that positive first impression, I absolutely would have considered asking him out on a date.

This brings us back to Chris: While a man may think insulting a woman for not responding leaves him with the “alpha” status in that dynamic, it actually sends the message that he is (a) self-absorbed and (b) needy.

The main difference is that one didn’t have any attached images, while the other included pictures and mentioned my career as a model.

Naturally I was intrigued by how each profile inspired very different replies—sometimes from the same person!

Lesson #2: If you’re too demanding, you come across as needy and insecure.

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