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The pilot project turned out to be very successful.

The Usarufa speakers had no difficulties using the app after brief instruction and enjoyed recording their stories, personal narratives, songs and dialogues. Bird and his colleagues to the Tembé people, who live in an Amazonian reservation in Brazil.

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Posted 9 years, 2 months ago by Kevin Kelly Paper, it turns out, is a very reliable backup medium for information.

While it can burn or dissolve in water, good acid-free versions of paper are otherwise stable over the long term, cheap to warehouse, and oblivious to technological change because its pages are "eye-scanable." No special devices needed.

Its accessible platform and wide distribution has led to a wealth of independently created “layers” exploring a huge variety of topics.

The Rosetta archive is by design an explicitly global collection, and by nature relevant to every human occupied corner of the world.

Bird and his colleagues provided the Usarufa people with Android cell phones, equipped with the app, to record themselves speaking their language.