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Therefore they refused to acknowledge the claims to American citizenship made by immigrants.

Although this was the reason for which the war was declared, it soon became apparent that there were other issues involved.

The British navy was huge, but the Americans did have seven frigates. Across Britain, Poland, France, Germany, Canada, America, and elsewhere, services of remembrance and commemoration are being held as many remember the bravery, heroism, and sacrifice of those who participated in the Battle of Britain.

The Americans won several glorious successes in single ship fights, but on a broad scale the British were able to maintain an efficient blockade on the American coast. It is has been seventy-five years since the climax of a battle in the skies which decided to a great degree the outcome of WWII.

There was even some talk of secession in the northeastern states, but this was put to rest when the war ended in 1815. These were the most severe losses that the Germans had suffered in the past month.