There is a problem with updating the classic specific files Local maryland web cams adult

Dear Sir/Madam, I am attempting to use the highly popular Word Press backup software, Backup Buddy by Plugin Backup Buddy requires the ability to use the Linux command line Zip command via PHP's exec() function.

there is a problem with updating the classic specific files-16

In full backups, the actual database is backed up also.

To find this sql file, look for the following folder in your backup file after you have extracted/unzipped the backup zip file: wp-content/uploads/backupbuddy_temp/XXXXXXXX The XXXXXXXX part in the above link will be a serial code that matches the one in the backup name.

Backup Buddy needs the backups folder in your wp-content/uploads directory on your site to be writable so that Backup Buddy can easily create and modify backup and related files in that directory.

If those permissions are not setup properly, either automatically or manually, you'll run into the "Unable to create backup storage directory" or similar errors.

A fix is available here: The migration completed successfully and the site is browse-able but when you try to log in you keep getting redirected back to the log-in page and the URL looks something like this: This is a common Word Press related issue and not a result of Backup Buddy backup or restore/import.