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A "must read" for single men and women seeking to have a viable social life, Dating 101 is very strongly recommended reading, especially for those who are dissatisfied with their "single-hood status" and are losing out in the dating game.

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On A Planet Sailing West is very highly recommended for naturalists, environmentalists, and ordinary readers who will come away with a genuine appreciation for Clarke's personal, engaging, and almost memoir-like narrative style.

The Electric Mirror On The Pharos Lighthouse And Other Ancient Lighting Larry Brian Radka The Einhorn Press 1314 Oak Street, Parkersburg, WV 26101 0965754588 $19.95 Painstakingly compiled and deftly edited by Larry Brian Radka, The Electric Mirror On The Pharos Lighthouse And Other Ancient Lighting offers an original, informative, and profusely illustrated in-depth study of the incredible lighthouse constructed by Sostras of Cnidos, as well as a serving as a complete reference to a multitude of many other outstanding electrical lighting accomplishments down through history.

Thirst Dania Deschamps White Bull Publishing PO Box 1698, Ada, Oklahoma 74821 0976908506 $14.00 by a litigation attorney who has traveled the world, Thirst is a dark novel about female lawyer Dominique Olivet, who has come to Key West, an island with close ties among its native people, a place where Catholicism has deep roots.