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Insulin treatment is required from a type 1's diagnosis for the rest of their life.

Yet, type 2 sufferers are usually initially treated with lifestyle changes.

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A backpacker and fitness fanatic who thought her numb toes and hair loss was a result of her hiking and swimming in the sea actually had diabetes - and could have died every time she exercised.

Carly Pink-O'Sullivan, 30, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes after a backpacking trip across China, Nepal and Europe.

What people don't understand about type 1 is that we can eat whatever we like, as long as we check our blood sugar and take our insulin.

We are normal people who just have to take a couple extra precautions, and asking why we aren't limiting ourselves is insinuating that we aren't allowed to live normal lives. Well for starters, I do it so I can live another day. Most people who were diagnosed were afraid of needles at some point, too. This is my least favorite out of all of them, simply because one in four Americans who are 65 or older have type 2 diabetes.

Ms Pink-O'Sullivan, who wishes to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes, said: 'After my diagnosis, I was too scared to exercise due to the fear of having a hypoglycemic episode.'I had to stop working out because of the risk I'd go into hypoglycemic shock and I'd have to check my glucose levels every 10 minutes.'I would need to eat something with a lot of sugar and that defeated the purpose of exercise.'Now I still exercise but now I'm a lot more in control of my diabetes so I'm happier and healthier.