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I'm not super active, but I do like long walks on wooded trails or on the beach, bicycling, and as friends of mine know, I also absolutely LOVE to dance (though I must confess my dancing is indeed very silly!

) I tried to take ballet for a while, and though that is a discipline where any age beyond 30 hurts, it still is a lot of fun.

Now I must confess at the outset that this certainly qualifies as a "vanity page", being full of graphics and text about me!

Well after all, Peter Pan is a character that has always been known for vanity. The real purpose is simply reaching out to other like minded souls, potential new friends, and others who believe in magic and diversity while having some fun.

But just the same, I've been humbled to touch so many lives, and the site will likely continue to grow for a long time. Once the site expenses and promotional costs (T shirts.