us military dating site - Tips for updating or creating a resume

This is your chance to make it clear you’re a strong fit,” career strategist Jenny Foss wrote in an article for The Muse.

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As a bonus, cleaning up your resume’s formatting can also make it easier for applicant tracking systems to read, so you’re more likely to get called in for an interview.

When writing your resume, it can be tempting to include everything from your after-school job in high school to a list of your favorite hobbies. Deleting irrelevant information means a less cluttered document that will be easier for hiring managers to scan.

Here are nine tips for updating your resume so you can get the job you want in 2017.

Unless you’re a designer, an unusual-looking resume can work against you since it seems to privilege style over substance, according to career expert Alison Green.

Simultaneously wordy and uninformative, an objective takes up precious real estate on your resume that would be better given over to descriptions of your skills and experience.