dating to find a wife - Tips on dating a single dad

It’s incumbent upon all of us to continuously make judgments as to whether our dates actions are consistent with their words.

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I say this no matter how great is the chemistry and/or level of comfort between the two of you.

If we level with ourselves we don’t want to get involved with partners who in their repeating of history engage in abusive and neglectful dynamics even if they are darlings the rest of the time.

Furthermore, many of us after unsuccessful marriages have our self esteem wounded, experience guilt over making our kids victims of decisions that didn’t work out, may begin to doubt our abilities to choose appropriate partners and even delude ourselves into believing we are entitled to and can realistically expect to forge intimate and satisfying relationships without risking disappointments and rejections.

Have you endured all the discouragement you can take in one paragraph?

When you process these interactions with your date is your reality in the same ballpark as his?