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Part of the reason for this is that I’ve had much more dating experience, but I think more importantly, I have gained a certain degree of self-confidence after surviving college and transitioning into independent adulthood, and doing so relatively unscathed. Nevertheless, one would hope that by the time someone enters adulthood, they’d recognize that there are far more interesting things to do with every weekend than go to a club.That confidence makes me far less willing to put up with BS that I may have entertained in years past. I get it if you can’t handle shows, dance classes, comedy or museums after a draining week at work (being sarcastic here), but c’mon dude, at least try a lounge or wine bar. No Passport Man: If a man has reached his mid- to late-twenties (or older!If you find yourself hanging out all-too-often in cyberspace and dreading the next interview-style coffee date, you might be suffering from ODF.

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Or we commit little white lies to make ourselves look better, or to avoid hurting other people's feelings. Love is already complex enough without having to navigate a minefield of half-truths and gamesmanship.

When you play games, you're just wasting everybody's time.

Someone please bring the holy water to exorcise the Fox demon out of this man. The 30-Something High School Jock: Much time has passed since high school, but this guy is stuck back at homecoming when he was the all-star varsity football team captain. If he truly wants to get to know a woman, he’ll make time. He spends far too much time patrolling the online world – making sure women don’t state opinions or engage in enlightening, empowering discussion –to ever date anyone. Gym Selfie Guy: Okay, yeah, I’ll give it to gym selfie guy that more than likely he has a great body.

He needs a swift kick in the ass to welcome him back to reality where he is struggling to hold down a job and still living at home with his parents. No surprise though, because from the looks of it he spends the vast majority of his free time not only at the gym, but taking pictures while at the gym.

It’s a beautiful, sunny day outside and he wants to remain locked in his room glued to a screen? Broke As a Joke With Zero Fucks To Give Guy: This dude has just given up on his dreams/aspirations.