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Homework is being given in Kindergarten and even preschool. The case against homework is outlined in three books, (Kralovec and Buell, Bennett and Kalish, and Kohn), touting it as detrimental to a child’s academic success. al (2006) agree with Good and Brophy (2003) who have “…cautioned that teachers must take care not to assign too much homework.

Much of the push for earlier academics comes from parents. The only way school practices will turn around is by parent pressure. She has designed and taught parenting workshops and counseled parents for twenty five years.

Use these statistics and read more on these links and talk to other parents and get a movement going. She received her master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Bank Street College in New York City.

I hope you can agree with me based on the research.

~ I would like to follow Harris Cooper’s “10-minute rule” for homework—He is the main homework researcher from Duke—to insure that my child not have more than 10 minutes times his grade.

~ Our family is working on creating a slower pace and more relaxed down-time with plenty of time for play, family connection, and outdoor time since we want our kids to value the enjoyment of being with us and being outdoors over being on the internet, playing video games of engaging in homework battles.