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The much more impressive stat is how many young visible minorities are marrying outside their tribes.

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Perhaps more promisingly, Stith reports a current male-to-female split among users, suggesting that if women flock to an app, men are sure to follow. (According to Stith, about 60 percent of matches on Bumble result in conversations.) I had a few lively chats after taking Stith’s suggestion to let the app’s photo-messaging function do the talking for me — sending photos of whatever I happened to be looking at, instead of thinking up a clever opener — but I didn’t get hooked on the app.

I found myself overwhelmed at the prospect of an online future where I had to speak first if I ever wanted to be spoken to.

effort, and one of the cardinal sins of online dating: a limp, useless message that invites no response and demonstrates no creativity.

My “Hey” hangs sadly in the air beside my profile picture, first name and age, unlikely to be returned.

Wasn’t this low-stakes, looks-based approach to sex and dating the opposite of what women were looking for? — be after the same things from online dating as men?