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Kim Young Kwang has improved in acting alot, and I'm proud of him :) with his SEXY SELF lol he really knows how to KISSSSSSS. twists and turns and the story itself is different.I really wanted to check out this Drama just it's Flower Boys everywhere and mainly because of Kim Young Kwang & Lee Soon Hyu :) i wonder why some finds this drama boring when it got a lot of spice in it. also, i can't understand why some don't understand the fact that the mother can't simply adopt nan gil.

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He now lives at her mother's house and runs the small dumpling restaurant that her mother ran. Chemistry beetween the main lead also a bit leak at their kissing screen( u will agree with me if u already watched his chemistry with yuri in go ho's starry night) 7/10 rate from me. I'm adding to my list of very few dramas that I actually love.

Im here for kim young kwang after watched his drama Lookout. Because this drama is one of the dramas that I'm excited to watch every time I wake up in the morning and at night, I've been sleeping very late lately just because of this drama. The good thing is that the drama already finished so I wouldn't have to wait every week for a new ep.

Kim Young Kwan & Soo-Ae deserved better dialogue & directing in order to carry this off.

Even though I'm only on Episode 8, I like it so far, I think it's cute.

Anyways although the couple here is a bit taboo because they're stepfather and daughter but if you think about it more they actually can be a couple.