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If that were so, this one from Voltaire would take the cake: “The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” Again, just imagine what was the level of advancement of “medicine” during Voltaire’s times, viz. Even assuming it is built on loose sand, that doesn’t mean you start questioning its basic principles.

Our endeavour must be to strengthen the foundation, to tighten that “loose sand”.

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The present Randomised Controlled Trials and linear relations help generate billions of dollars in chemical therapeutics even if that results in thousands dying of our efforts directly or indirectly. To cite an example, anti-diabetic drugs are usually compared with sugar filled placebo capsules!

Many such glaring criminal activities have come to light now in the field of “Evidence-based medicine” of today! I hope you are blaming the individual trials and not the method.

I would like to point out once again that SCIENCE IS SELF-CORRECTING. Recently, I had a message from one of my students, who is a leading dermatologist in India doing innovative research.

“I always wondered when I used to listen to you during my student days and respected your views all along.

It is an elementary subject in medicine and one cannot become a doctor without studying it. Many simple methods which have stood the test of time are being forgotten now, thanks to the brainwashing of the masses through mass media advertisements about the wrong approaches to keep one healthy. You are forgetting that studies & researches are also part of EBSM.

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    Indiana lost the most students, 661 — a 4.8 percent decline.

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