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Further Information: If you are looking for more general tourist information, then we highly recommend you check out our Accommodation, Hotels, Self Catering, Camping, Things To Do, Attractions, Trolltunga, Tours, Shopping, Walking, Cycling, Food & Drink, Restaurants, Whats On, Events, Travel Information, Bergen Airport, Oslo To Bergen Train, Maps & Bergen Card pages to help you plan your next visit to Bergen much more effectively.

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“They felt empowered in the same way that the male sex tourists did to swap and change partners — to be in control of the relationships and to do that in a way that maybe they couldn’t with their boyfriends back home.

They had financial and economic power to dictate where they were going to go, who they were going to see, what they were going to do.” While she’s not saying people can’t fall in love while on holiday, Taylor does want to shed light on these types of relationships so people can be more informed, especially in terms of how location, gender, sexuality and race play a role.

This extraordinary landscape is today inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and professional activity organizers are ready to take you into the fjord region all year around – as close to the nature as you can get!

A World Heritage City: Bergen is today Norway’s most international city, packed with history and tradition.

Or do you assume the man “got lucky” or is taking advantage of the woman? “People still have this idea that the women in these situations are victims,” Dr. “Well why aren’t women allowed to be instrumental about sex and say that’s what they want and go out to find these relationships to fulfill a desire that they have?

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    Personality, brains and conversational skills count for much more on a date than a slim figure in my experience.