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So on impulse we booked a short trip just three nights.We flew out from Luton at 6 am and despite the early morning I still downed a double gin and tonic before boarding. No sooner do I think I’ve got my fear under control when we have a bad flight and I’m back to being a gibbering mess.She was a journalist so had connections so no problems getting a book deal for her.!! But as the skies opened the evening became a bit of a damp squib! But as I studied them from a distance it was clear that the years of working in the hedonistic capital of Spain had taken its toll on them both.

As we landed in Luton I realised that the only turbulence I had experienced was in my stomach. For a more terryfying tale of Puerto Banus Nights read my book SEX AND THE SIGNPOSTS available on Amazon

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It looked just for a while that our annual visit to Puerto Banus was not going to happen.

Kate had her New BF to consider and was working on contract so would not get paid for holidays and I was up to my eyes with everything as usual. We were also put under pressure when our friends from the Beauty Salon http :// told us they were going and were pressing us to come with them.

The captain with a very proper English accent spoke some soothing and reassuring words and I relaxed a little.