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For much of the band's career, they have been a trio with drummer Tré Cool, who replaced John Kiffmeyer in 1990 prior to the recording of the band's second studio album, Kerplunk (1991).Guitarist Jason White, who has been a touring member since 1999, was a member from 2012 to 2016.The couple spent a week in the Claremont Hotel for their honeymoon (a ten minute walk away from their house).

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Personal Armstrong married Adrienne Nesser on July 2, 1994.

He has two sons, Joseph Marciano (born March 1995), and Jakob Danger (born September 1998).

However, their relationship deteriorated, and, when Adrienne finished college, Billie Joe asked her to move out to California and marry him.

She agreed, and Bisson claims that Billie Joe stole her from him, saying "I helped that guy, and what does he do?

Adrienne Nesser was born October 6, 1969 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.