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When came to an end, its muscly stars faded back into obscurity. Do you ever wonder what happened to that fit one you had a poster of, or that one with the weird, balding yet long hair? Fun Fact - Ace hails from Doncaster, so presumably his best event was ‘standing outside Burger King in a hoodie throwing chips at people’.Funner fact - he had a relationship with Katie Price in the 1990s.Not much is known of her life in the immediate aftermath of the shake up, apart from an appearance in the 1995 movie Fox earned the title of ‘Gladiator who looks most like a muscly Meryl Streep’ (in my head).

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Panther (Helen O’ Reilly) After the show ended, rumours began to surface regarding Panther’s feud with fellow gladiator Lightning.

According to various tabloid articles, Panther was not invited to the newly revamped Legends Special over fears she would smack Lightning, or possibly kick her in the fanny.

He managed to do all this because he wasn’t sat around playing Candy Crush all day like some people (me).

After the show, he appeared in My God, I had such a crush on Cobra when I was little, and as I write this I’ve just discovered that he lives in the West Midlands. Although not downstairs, because an old woman lives there on her own.

He does have a Twitter which includes some scarily buff photos of himself, but sadly this no longer seems to be updated.

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    In 2010 Romeo confirmed that he was still working on his fourth studio album but he changed the name of the album to The College Boy.

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