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(See “A Venturi-Based Hybrid Approach to Phaco Fluidics” on page 9) Dr.

Tyson: We, too, brought in the Stellaris PC when we added retina surgery to the practice.

They don’t have a retirement mentality and they don’t want to wear glasses.

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We can also rely on the family of B L products in other areas of refractive surgery, and the company is expanding in that regard.

Jay Pepose, MD, Ph D: The greatest growth is being seen in the Baby Boom population, and they have totally different expectations.

I’m able to use the fluidics to my advantage by putting very little ultrasound energy into the eye.

With the premium IOLs, patients expect LASIK-like outcomes the next day, and I want to have a wow factor built into that next day so we can schedule the cataract surgery for the fellow eye with no delay.

These are important considerations for today’s cataract surgery patients because they’re active, they’re driving at night, they’re regularly performing tasks that require excellent distance, intermediate and near vision.