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15 that there were "actually four handguns recovered from inside the school" and "apparently only handguns that were taken into the school." NBC also incorrectly reported that an AR-15 was found in the trunk of Lanza's car.

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(Interestingly, the Times got it right the first time by saying Lanza used a rifle.) It's still unclear where that misinformation came from.

State police spokesman Paul Vance told Huff Post it didn’t come from the Connecticut State Police; FBI spokesman Dan Curtin told Huff Post it didn't come from the Connecticut branch of the FBI, and neither NBC News or the Times returned a request for comment.

What is clear is that NBC News updated its report a few hours later to say that law enforcement officials had given out "conflicting" information.

The outlet said it appeared Lanza may have only carried two handguns and that a rifle was "also found at the scene" -- information that later turned out to be true.

Members of the Family Steering Committee (FSC) provided key questions to the 9/11 Commission.