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These days, the phrases “go above and beyond for the best customer service experience”, “the customer is always right” and “the customer is king” have become one of the most cliched and repeated in marketing.

Business owners, marketing directors and managers across-the-board keep on being focused on delivering over-the-top customer service experience.

Show a true interest in doing business with them and stay in touch to nurture the relationship. They are the people who want your company to perform better, so let them share their opinion about their experience with you, keep open to any kind of suggestions or feedback they might have.

I recommend reading these 2 posts here and here if you would like to dig into this problem deeper and how you can solve it.

As Apple’s former retail chief Ron Johnson once put it, “Care about a customer’s heart, not just her pocketbook.” In other words, don’t treat people coming to your website or office as one-time transaction, do all your best to build strong and long-lasting relationship.

Today, I would like to take you to the basics and share with you a short and clear list of customer service essentials.

Most of them are fairly common knowledge, and they won’t take you much effort to follow, but still they are absolutely critical to ensure you perform your job professionally and serve your customers right.

After you locate the FBML application, select Add to my page on the left corner and click Add to pagenext to the fan page you want to feature a chat button on. The FBML application is displayed in the list of available applications. Live Person recommends a name that is self-explanatory and indicative of the chat button for example: Contact Us or Chat Live. cmd=file&file=visitor Wants To Chat&site=XXXXXXX&byhref=1&SESSIONVAR! cmd=file&file=visitor Wants To Chat&site=XXXXXXX&SESSIONVAR! In the code below, the folder storing these images is "https://base.liveperson.net/hcp/Gallery/Chat Button-Gallery/English/Retail/1a" - replace all 3 occurrences of it with your own images folder (Note that you must follow the regular image customization guidelines - We have not yet introduced the chat button on our own Fan Page. v=app_4949752878 As of August 23rd Facebook began phasing out the option to add "boxes" to Fan Pages and made it only possible to add "Tabs".

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