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Eventually, a corner of the foundation collapsed, causing the floor to sink four inches.

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What is going on.’ The bank wasn’t looking at applications.” As the loans went bad, and the houses emptied, the scrappers arrived, tearing out furnaces, aluminum siding and water pipes right in broad daylight.

To discourage scavengers, signs reading THIS HOUSE DOES NOT HAVE COPPER PLUMBING were posted in windows.

’s original theme was “Moon over Parma” and in 2010, a radio host spoofed Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” with “Parma State of Mind.”) The suburbanites returned for polka bands and pierogi-eating contests at Slavic Village Fest, but when their parents died, the middle-aged offspring had no interest in their childhood homes.

They sold out to absentee landlords, who rented to Section 8 tenants.

By the 1990s, Slavic Village, which had never actually been a village, was no longer entirely Slavic either. After the slumlords came the speculators, the house-flippers.