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I’m glad I’m more real and honest then most in this biz, I think you will all respect me more for doing so.

I’m perfect for newbies for apts /sessions as I am so down to earth, funny and open, and I love to please guys, what i say here as I’ve said before is my sounding board my diary for you all to see, but I ask you in nyc and others I really need your help to save to go home so i can live a long life with my family, if youd like to help me please email me at [email protected] call me at 9 but no BS or cons I have had that happen almost daily half the so called new fans need a kick up the ass, a bloody education and some respect for a lady even tho she works 😉 I respect you, you at least know who I am and don’t question a rate that has been around for 15yrs.

I would love to see you, lets have some fun here…YEAH.

I leave tomorrow so please call or txt me as on the road emails are hard to see esp on the day last minute apts, you end up seeing them 2 hours after you wanted it, so its best to txt call or email in a last resort if its a couple days the road if I have time I will check them, plus I don’t like emails I prefer to talk to people, its polite and you get to know the person every gal has different ways i guess?

This maybe very well my last time to NYC as a bodybuilder, so i really hope I can see as many of you whom are free and would like to see a 2 time Olympian, I look like most of my new material off season but full and sexy.