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I adore reading, especially Russian classics such as A. Sometimes I devote a little time to myself and just relax after the long working day.

In fact, I am a creative person, so painting is an important part of my leisure time.

There we buy some food for animals, because my son adores feeding them with bread, cookies or apples. There should be some place in his heart for my ethereal love.

Let's spend time together and fulfil the life with unforgettable moments :) I would like to find a man with rich inner world, strong, reliable, stable, smart. When I do not have an opportunity to go to the gym I try to do some exercises at home. On weekends I visit some of my relatives and spend time with them.

The man who knows how to treat his woman good, faithful and successful. My sister has a two-year-old son and sometimes I babysit him. He should know what he wants from life, a man that has goals and strives for them trying to do everything to achieve them.

The most important thing - we must love each other!

As in my opinion, a strong family is always based on love.

Then I forget about the cleaning and start dancing :) Don't worry, I keep my apartment very clean too:) Trying out new recipes is rather challenging, but yet very exciting for me as well... Long list that won't fit this page:) Ask:) Honestly I don't really know what to write here.