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The 33-year-old was seen snapping pictures and typing away on his i Phone during the finals of the wheelchair rugby competition at the Mattamy Athletic Centre while watching a game between the United States and Denmark - the eventual gold medal winners.

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Harry certainly seemed a bit distracted at times during the wheelchair rugby games, looking down to type away on his i Phone, which was covered by a protective clear case, after holding the smartphone up to snap a few images of the scenes going on in front of him.

Ironically, Harry's focus on his i Phone came just hours after he made a surprise appearance at the WE Day celebrations, where he made a rousing speech about how important it is for young people to 'look up from their phones' and stop focusing solely on social media.

Sgt Baker said afterwards: 'I wanted to show the athletes my support and enjoy the games.

See their spirit.'They show amazing strength of character as well as body. 'It's important because without this, a lot of them would not be where they are today.'It's Prince Harry's efforts that have encouraged them to find the competitive spirit, self-confidence and join in: make them feel as if they have a place in the world when they could have lost hope.'Saying his own generation had 'just had to do the best we could' to recover from war on their own, he added: 'Some of them didn't have anything to live for.

But despite expressing her enthusiasm for the games through her boyfriend, Meghan has not made an appearance at any of the events since the couple made their much-anticipated debut on Monday at the tennis tournament.