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If there is more, it will be different stories per chapter. Women weren't all that involved into wanting to commit to the amount of sex each man would need for peace.

Augmentation was born in that moment and at birth, women were immediately augmented to increase their sexual desire at puberty, turning every woman into a sex addicted nympho that had to have men's cum in them. When her first male had been brought to her, they both had been eighteen The ripe age for breeding and so far, he had given her one son only, but that was because after her son was born, she had gone on birth control.

*Disclaimer* The following story has a lot of sensitive elements.

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My hope is that this story delves into some cool things and shows a world of interesting possibilities. ************************************************************************** Men are precious commodities. Sally knew this fact and so did every woman in the world. They were sex slaves essentially, and woman kept him at bay by keeping his sexual appetites satisfied.

There should be more than one chapter, but I am not sure where to go after this chapter. Could be different short stories with varying aspects of lives within the society. This placation presented an issue that had to be solved.

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