Updating a blackberry

Blackberry OS, the download links can be found at the end of this guide. Make sure this software is not running before installing the OS Double click the 9300M_PBr6.0.0_rel1676_PL6.6.0.105_A6.0.0.418to start the installation. Now your Black Berry Curve 9300 is upgraded to Black Berry OS

With Black Berry announcing the availability of its newest Black Berry OS 10 version 10.3.2, you may be looking for methods to keep your device updated with the latest software.

Before updating your phone's software, it's recommended that you back up the phone memory.

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Connect your Blackberry to the PC and it was prompt you to update.

The Black Berry Password Keeper is an application that is installed by default on many models of the Black Berry.

You can update the phone's software when a new software version is available.

Follow these instructions to update your phone's software.

Installing a software update via Black Berry Link allows you to utilize your computer's Internet connection.