fresno dating service - Updating a firmware

You should first try the newest information above but if you run into problems the additional info below may be helpful.

updating a firmware-81

Click on either Mac or Windows, depending on the computer you’re using and the download will begin.

On the Mac, the Download is saved to your Downloads folder or wherever you have asked your Internet browser to save them. I believe you can do the same on Windows, but that’s something you will have to figure out yourself since I haven’t used Windows since switching to Mac in 2004.

Had this been the only email I’ve ever received on the pain Lumix users feel when firmware updates are released, I wouldn’t even be writing this post.

This Blog post was inspired by a recent email I received that I’m sharing below.

The Camera’s LCD screen should now be showing a screen asking if you desire to “Update” the firmware. Even though the update you are after is described at the top of this page, you actually have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of this same page to see the Download option you’re after.

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