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Henry Tudor was hellbent on repairing the damage done by decades of war, and that meant increasing financial security.

During his rule he also made some savvy business investments in the alum trade and made vast improvements to the waterborne infrastructure of the country: the site of his dry dock in Portsmouth still is used today.

In the early part of his reign, Henry Tudor favored a site at Sheen, someway down river from London and now known as Richmond Palace, as his primary residence.

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It followed the Late Gothic Perpendicular style and was superseded by Elizabethan architecture from about 1560 in domestic building of any pretensions to fashion.

In the much more slow-moving styles of vernacular architecture "Tudor" has become a designation for styles like half-timbering that characterise the few buildings surviving from before 1485 and others from the Stuart period.

However, with the arrival of gunpowder and cannons by the time of Henry VI, fortifications like castles became increasingly obsolete.

The autumn of 1485 marked the ascension of Henry VII to the throne.

Civic and university buildings became steadily more numerous in the period, which saw general increasing prosperity.