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The airport is attempting to update the $1.1 billion passenger terminal that opened in 2008, improve the passenger experience and create a sense of place by referencing iconic Indianapolis locations and people.

Updates could include more gate-area retail options, fewer moving walkways and some artificial grass.

Resetting Air Port The last option is to reset the Air Port device itself (including Time Capsules), which can be done in one of two ways: the first is a soft reset, and the more complete one is a "factory default" reset.

The factory default resets will erase some settings on the device, so only try this if a soft reset does not work (steps are from Apple's knowledgebase): Soft reset: Again, first try a soft reset and then apply the firmware update, followed by a hard reset if it still is not working.

Authenticate and then ensure your username (the one with "Me" next to it) has both read and write permissions for this folder.