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If you want, we can keep the emails short and only tell you which pages did change, and leave it up to you to visit the pages yourself and find the changes. You can install a special bookmark or button in our browser, so you can add pages to your WTP account while surfing the net. Watch That Page is the only service of its kind that can extract new information from multiple web pages, and present the collected changes to the user in an email friendly, easy readable way.

We can inform you about pages that are unreachable. Register Take the tour Privacy Statement Read more about our services Frequently asked questions How it all works Improved downloads Watch That Page has improved and is better than ever to download web pages.

This leads to a lack of trust and also hurts the business – clients may choose to go to their competitors in fear that their information might be compromised again.

One of the top reasons websites get hacked is because of the vulnerability in the framework and platform on which their website is built.

A boring and hard to navigate website can scare clients away before they even know what you are about.

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