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Our goal is to sell a thousand units of either designs and raise money for the Puerto Rico disaster relief [email protected] be sure to check out Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown special on Puerto Rico which premieres tonight on CNN.

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Remaining items will be sent to Puerto Rico to assist First Responders and citizens there who were devastated by the catastrophic flooding of Hurricane Maria.

Thank you to all who have helped Houston recover and for allowing us to assist Puerto Rico" tee, we have decided to release the " Make Puerto Rico Great Again" tee.

Clicking on that tab took us to three different ways to get answers to our questions: a search box, a list of questions and answers related to the topic at hand, and a link to reach an expert. Using Tax Act, we found it easy to access (on the right side of your screen) a trove of tax information, including IRS forms.

Although the explanations in Tax Act are somewhat more complex, we found it to be a good value: a less costly choice for consumers. If using your smartphone for any portion of your tax preparation is important to you, H&R Block's service may be the best choice.

I was told it would probably be about $100 before then so I was very upset.