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An update for Mountain Lion, version 10.8.1, was released on August 23, 2012.

It resolved issues with i Messages, Migration Assistant, Safari, Microsoft Exchange Server, Mail, and many other applications.

Facebook integration was also planned but unfinished at launch date. OS X Mountain Lion received positive reviews, with critics praising Notification Center, Messages, and speed improvements over Mac OS X Lion, while criticizing i Cloud for unreliability and Game Center for lack of games.

Users have bypassed these limitations so that 10.8 may run with varying functionality on some officially unsupported computers.

Notification Center was added in the operating system.

 Apple menu Once the Mac has finished rebooting, you’ll want to set any Finder customizations again.

Finder should be working as usual at this point, so you can trash the com.apple.finder.plist file that is sitting on the desktop if you haven’t done so yet.

All this does is move the Finder plist file to the users desktop, you can use the rm command if you want instead, we’re sticking with mv because it’s safer for general users.