dating behavior a framework for analysis and an illustration - Updating ms access table vba

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By default, Access prompts for confirmation when each of the following three actions takes place. Action queries such as insert, update, or delete query. Click the Edit/Find tab and uncheck the three checkboxes in Confirm section.

Because the process is long and complex, it quickly becomes annoying and unnecessary that you have to confirm the action each time Access pops up a confirmation dialogue box.

You will need the correct database driver (Oracle or MS Sql for your database type).

You will need to know the userid and password to use to create the connection (most of the time it is the report user which normally allows read/select only access to the tables get with the dba to get this info).

To disable all these Access prompt pop-ups, it's a simple configuration change in Access options and majority of these pop-up dialogue boxes should be gone forever.