Updating oak cupboards Xxx vedeosex

Finally, before you begin this project, make sure you’re comfortable with the materials and process. This exact process and the exact materials I used worked wonderfully for me, but as always, DIY at your own risk. (Don’t use regular rollers, their fibers will get stuck in the oak and the finish won’t be smooth.) • Some quality paint brushes.

You’ll need: • TSP substitute, a scrubby sponge and gloves for cleaning. I used a 2.5″ & 1″ Purdy brush and a fine art brush like these for the tiny crevices and around the hardware. ) • About two gallons (for a kitchen the size of mine, see pics) of Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Interior Acrylic Latex Paint in Satin, in your choice of fabulous color.

;) So for $2-3 for very basic knobs, please don’t skip the hardware!

We also changed out the light fixtures above both sets of cabinetry, which made a huge difference.

Well, I mentioned to some in the comment section that we were working on staining our bathroom cabinets () to make these bathrooms look so much better.