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Even the manliest man may feel insecure from time to time, and a little encouragement will[More] Clay flower pot people can be a decorative feature in your garden or as a tabletop centrepiece.

There are a several ways to make a man out of clay flower pots, depending on the desired size of the finished project.

Workout clothes can be expensive, so making your own cut off T-shir[More] Wearing a pocket handkerchief is a way to dress up a suit jacket with a touch of colour, but folding one can be time consuming.

You can make a man's fake pocket handkerchief to dress up your suit, and you will not have to spend time folding the fake[More] You love the feel of your softest, baggiest T-shirt, the one you wear while puttering around the house.

Sew along the neckline until the collar is firmly secured to the T-shirt. Customising and updating your old clothes can be an innovative way to revitalise your wardrobe.